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The spotlight author for the month of December is Harley (forthoughtsake). She is a 21 year old woman from the 305 right out of the home of the HEAT, Miami, Florida. This writer hasn’t been a part of the EC family for long but has the pride of an EC veteran. This not so new girl on the block has caught the attention of all of us with her latest works: In Transition and Fight In Me 

The quote that Harley stands by is

"Whatever’s good for your soul…. Do that."

Here was our Q&A with her 

How did you feel when you found out you are the member of the month?

Honestly, I read over the email like thrice. I was like, “Nah…they sent this to the wrong author how do I. How do I return to sender on this?” I was mostly in shock, because it was so out of the blue, but after shock it set in and I was wailing in my bedroom LOL. I was all smiles for the rest of that day. Truly one of the best feelings I’ve had in a while.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing when I started high school so it’s been a few years. I wasn’t too serious about it then only because of how crazy my life was back then during that transition, but writing was still something that was present in my life and it’s gonna continue to be present.

What made you want to start writing?

My love for literature made me want to start writing. I’ve always been into reading. I’m a bookworm. No matter what it is, a book, a tweet, I read everything and I learn something new every day because of that, and it’s honestly a great feeling that I have grown attached to. Being able to learn from and relate to the even the smallest passage, is amazing to me. Words are powerful. So, I figured, why not spread my love for writing through a story? I’m really into putting thoughts on paper—just random scenarios, and bringing them to life. I started doing that with my first story and before I knew it, it was completed. And the final product and its feedback really made me want to keep on and I’m glad I did :)

What is your favorite story that you have wrote?

Just because it’s my baby lol the first story I’ve ever taken seriously and finished. I love all of my stories equally! But “Simply Beautiful” takes the cake. My readers have done nothing but ride out with me from beginning to end with that story and I was happy to see by the end, that my readers were able to relate and learn from it. As the author, it meant the world to me.

How long have you been with EC?

I haven’t been with EC for too long. I only joined this year in August. I crossed over from The CB Board. Shout out to everyone who followed me from that board onto this one, I truly appreciate you all. It’s been the greatest move I’ve made in a while. I love this board. EC STAND UP!

Here are some reviews from her stories:

In Transition:

“Don’t make me have a heart attack lol”

“I love this story so far!!!!!!”

“Girl I just almost fell out the damn bed!!!!!! Yes!!! Whew. Now I can sleep peacefully.”

“Omg! That last add was everything!!! When Josiah said “Look back” I felt a little tug in my heart! Lol! That conversation was needed! A little bit of progress! I’m so happy!!! I can definitely see that the both of them have matured quite a bit! I feel like a proud mama! Lol”

“Aww that last add made me smile they’re getting back to normal”

Fight in Me:

“Thoughts!!! Yayyyyyyyy!! Bump!……”

“Ahhhh I love this!! Run it!!! …….. Lol Micah and Leya all fighting huh? Feuding neighbors huh??”

“I Like the Whole love in the form of hate thing between the two. The way Mikah was talking all shit just to get a reply or reaction from Leya….<3 these two must have some crazy history. I REALLY Dig This. Def. Bumpz !”

“So what’s the story with these two, why do they annoy each other so much!!!! I wonder why Mikah and Keisha aren’t together?!?But Phoenix is absolutely adorable!!!!! Run it !!!!”

“Yo I like this!!! “Duh.” Of course I would. But I need to know more about why they hate each other so much! Lol and back stories! I’m sure all of that will come. Just excited to be reading your stories again.”

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The spotlight author for the month of October is Monica. She is a 20 year old writer and college student from Raleigh, North Carolina. Monica is also one of the founders of EliteCreativity. This girl has a sweet personality that just oozes on to the screen. This may be the reason why we are so attracted to her writing like its honey and we are the bees. Better watch out cause just like her sweet personality her stories are HIGHLY addictive. She is the writer of 11 stories on the board including Brown | Eyes , Run This World (part 2) , and Deep

The quote that Monica stands by is

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

When asked about how she handled winning this month’s spotlight she replied,

“My first reaction was … ME?!? I was honored more than anything; I’m still very shy at heart when it comes to others reading my work. I want it to be as realistic as possible, I want the characters to make you feel something and I want you to remember something about it. Most importantly, I want you to enjoy it. Those are the main things that matter to me and I’m so happy, thank you so much! *Tear*”,

“I’ve been writing since about 2008, maybe a little bit before. I definitely started out as a reader before I ever thought to write my own stories. I used to write for my own pleasure to go back and read but I never thought to post anything when I was in middle school or early high school years. I was super shy!”

“As a child, I’ve always been able to think of different ideas as far as storytelling and English has always been the subject that I connected with the most. I started writing stories because of how fun it was in classes to make up a world through pencil and paper or in our case, a keyboard and a screen. Writing has always been an escape and something that I could never see myself giving up.”

We also asked her what her favorite story she has written was and to share with us a bit about her history with the EC family:

“Even though I LOVE them all in different ways, I would have to say “Her Jurnee” from our old EC board because it definitely sent me through a rollercoaster as I wrote it and I think the ending to that story was the best ending that I’ve ever written.”,

“I’ve been with EC ever since it was created, I was given the role of one of the moderators by Ekio and it was definitely the start of a great sisterhood and endless stories!”

Here are some reviews from her stories:

Brown Eyes:

“First of all I LOVE IT SO FAR!!!! It sounds all family happy and such….”

“………But this guy is the cutest. I awed as he embarrassed himself with her. That is the sweetest thing ever………”

“awww she messed up his food and he was still asweetheart ain’t that cute!!!……..”

Run This World:

“Soo i didnt read prt one but im lovinggggg part 2. Upz!”

“lol hm…. that makes me feel better, thank you Monica!! I don’t have to be the debbie downer anymore!!! I’m glad!!!”

“AHHH! I need to read lol.”


“whoot whoot!”

“Love the intro can’t wait to read more”

“OMG I hope he come back smh”

“I love it.! What excatly are the girls parents involved in and why do they want them dead? I’m going to be pissed if Junior died, you know you could’ve killed Rico’s snake ass instead.! Upz, Darling.!”

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The spotlight author for the month of August is Diamond (abs5463). This 22 year old author is from Michigan’s capital city, Lansing. Home of the most beautiful one of a kind Tiffany chandeliers but the real Jewel of the city is not suspended on the ceiling of the capital, she is a very talented writer on our board EliteCreativity. Diamond has been with elite since day one. Just like her name state Diamond is a writing treasure. She is the writer of 5 stories on the board including Don’t Think They KnowThe List, and Chance Encounter. The quote that this writer stands for is

“If a story is in you, it has got to come out.”

When questioned about how she felt about winning this month’s spotlight she responded, “I’m both honored and excited to be called the member of the month. I enjoy writing the stories and definitely plan to continue as long as I have an audience. Thanks!” “I think each of my stories was at one point my favorite, but right now my favorites are Something Different, The List, and Chance Encounter.” “I’ve always loved reading and once I felt like I had a story to tell, I finally made the decision to begin.” “I started writing eight years ago when I was 14.” “I’ve been with EC since its beginning and wrote on the original B2Kluvsme board before that.”

Here are some reviews from her stories:

Chance Encounter:

“in love.. dammnnn like did she really get the goods then leave what the heck just happened”

“Awww glad she’s trying uppzzz”

“Lawd he makin me fall in love! Lol”

“I love me some Noah!!!”

“I REALLY like this story! Upz!”

Don’t Think They Know:

“Zeke. I can’t deal. Already it’s crazy lmao”

“Every time I replay this song, I come check for an add lol”

“but when I say I love this song already (don’t think they know ft Aaliyah) E is going to turn things around watch and see”

The List:

“I…. I love it…. Bumps”

“it made me happy and sad at the same time”

“its bitter sweet somewhat but I loooooove this! glad you brought it here!”

“Druex was so freaking determined to be there for her.”

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an section from THE HEIST

Kizzy’s POV

"Look at them over there, bonding and shit! Isn’t it cute." I giggled.

I was talking to Janelle about all of our significant others, while we waited on Torri and Candy to come out the bathroom.

Torri followed Candy in there after Ryan held a strawberry up to her mouth to eat. She looked at and her whole face turned green as she held her stomach and ran off. I think he did that on purpose to prove the point we’d all been thinking.

Candy’s ass is knocked up!

She just need to stop fronting, gone to the doctor, and find out what she having. That way, I’ll know what to spoil my niece or nephew with. 😉 Janelle spoke bringing me out my train of thought.

"It is, isn’t it? I’m glad they are getting along." Janelle said. I agreed. It would have been tragic if they didn’t, for our sake.

"Who’s getting along?" Torri said walking up, escorting Candy.

"The guys." I said shifting my eyes to them. They were in a deep conversation about something. Torri nodded.

"Yeah they are. It’s cool too cause its like when we introduced them, it’s like they knew each other already. But that’s not strange, we talk to each other so much and discuss each others boo’s, they were bond to click."

Candy nodded with a this is true look on her face. Ryan looked back at her and she smiled. He just studied her from a distance with eyes. You could see they were talking to each other on a level they only understood.

She nodded, I guess letting him know she was ok. Then she blew him a kiss. Ahh! He dropped his head not to seem sappy in front of the boys, but I saw his cheeks turn red…Ahhhh!

It’s little things like that are fueling my energy tonight. I’ve been a natural high all day. And not just because its my birthday, and that my sisters are here. It’s deeper than that. I’ve had this weird, like butterflies in my stomach, all day from it.

It’s like I have a connection with the stars. Like they have all aligned up just for this night. A night that I know I’ll never forget. I just feel it.

"What you looking all starry-eyed over there for?" Torri asked.

"Tonight is the night y’all. Tonight is the night it all comes together. That its made complete. My life will be made complete. Tonight, everything will make sense from now on." I said excitedly.

"Lord here she go speaking with her optimistic vision again." Janelle said with a playful eye roll.

"What? I can’t help it that I want the best! And just for me, for all of us." I smiled.

I put my pinky out they all laughed. (Remember this is their handshake between each other)

"Come on, for old times sake." I said.

They agreed and they all grabbed on to it, us doing a four finger interlock. “To us! May tonight the night that our lives will never be the same!”

We leaned in to deal our fates with a kiss to our hands. The feeling I had grew. And now that I see André is quieting everyone, the feeling is coming on ten times strong.

He’d just walked away from the rest of the boys and went to the DJ, to grab the mic. The boys were giving each other furtive looks. Hmm.

"Can I have everyone’s attention please?" André said.

All the attendants, my friends and family, my dad and mom, my aunt and Mecey (who was hugging a champagne bottle) his mom and family, and friends, all turned his way, including the four of us.

"I want to thank you all for coming out and helping me celebrate this special day with me. It’s my baby’s 22nd birthday…

(Remember she stops getting her grandfathers money at 22…that’s how she was able to hide the fact she had so much money)

…Kizzy, can you come up here, please?” André said beckoning me.

I blushed and walked up. At the same time, the bits went to stand next to the girls. I stood next to André as he looked deep into my eyes.

I felt goosebumps on my arms from his intense glare. He looked at me like he’s been looking at me for the last two weeks. Nervous and unsettled. I wonder why?

Could he be getting ready to do what I think he’s getting ready to do? Oh God! Now I’m nervous! André cleared his throat to speak.

"Kizzy. I love you so much. I have since the day you wrecked my car." he laughed and everyone joined in with him, except Mecey who rolled her eyes. Hater!

"You’re amazing. These last months of my life have been amazing with you in them. The way you kicked those two dudes ass that tried to kill us was amazing…"

"Amazing, we get it. Damn move on!" Mecey yelled. I shot her the dirtiest look before I looked back at André. I could my sisters mouthing off behind me. Lol, Mecey just didn’t know. Anyway.

"I never thought I would fall so hard for someone. But then you came along and you changed that. My new friends over there can attest to my feelings…because they feel the same for your sisters."

"No new friends!" Dexter yelled out. We all laughed. I was getting more nervous by the minute with his speech. I could tell it was leading somewhere. "What are you trying to say babe?" I asked on pins and meddles.

André sighed and looked deep into my eyes again. “I guess what I’m trying to say is what I’ve been saying all along…..I love you. I want you to know that! You do know that right?” he asked.

I nodded, unable to speak without a shaky voice.

"No matter what happens, in our lives, between us, I want you to know that. I want you to remember that, and this moment where I have professed my love to you in front of everyone."

"Baby…" I said softly, at a loss for words.

He grabbed my hand in his and kissed it. His hand was shaking and so was mine. “Kizzy…” he started.

I held my breath as he reached in his pocket. I closed my eyes to keep my head from spinning, and me falling to the floor. But….they shot open when I felt something cold grip my wrist and snap shut.

I looked up at André who had tears in his eyes. “You’re under arrest!” he breathed out.

My head snapped around when I heard my sisters scream in horror. They tried to charge for André but were caught up….and put in handcuffs too…

Mist handcuffed Janelle

Dexter handcuffed Torri

Ryan handcuffed Candy.

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The spotlight author for the month of July is Andrea Charmaine Humphrey but to us she is just Charmaine, Char for short. This author hails all the way from the magical jazz capital off the world Louisiana, Alexandria, la to be exact. This author takes that same magic from her home town and adds it in every story she writes. She is the author of 14 stories on the board so far and has no plans of slowing down her catalog includes No Way, Changes, Lost and Found, and her most famous active story to date The Heist . The quote that this writer believes to represent her is

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”- Philippians 4:13

Charmaine is a self-proclaimed good girl, “I love to sing, write,[and] go to church.”

When asked how she felt about winning this month’s spotlight she said, “I was super excited when I was selected because I was down in the dumps about my writing skills and the reception I thought I wasn’t receiving and this just shows me that I am still loved.”
“I love to read so I decided one day that I could write just as good if not better the work I read.”
“I have a three way tie for my favorite story I wrote. It’s No Way, Slave for You, and Life as we know it.”
“I joined EC sometime last year In June.”

Here are some reviews from her stories:

No Way

“freaking loved this story”


“bravo bravo….i think this story is truly my favorite story from you”


“loved it!!!”

Lost and Found

“I love the hell out of this story. Not gonna lie the ending had be beyond emotional… didn’t try though! I kept it together… But damn as much as they argued and went at each other they honestly loved each other to the death of them literally. Its sad Eternity won’t be able to experience them and will probably miss the hell out of them. Did I mention that I love the hell out of this story? I can’t even put into words how I appreciated this story. Great job!”

“Maaaaan this story made me hella mad 😡….I don’t even feel like commenting but it was such a great story … feelings are hurt that they both we’re selfish enough not to consider Eternity’s feelings before they took their own lives”

The Heist

“I cant sleep Charmaine. I feel so empty inside. I have to know what is going on its freaking with my mind. I done checked this site every hour. No add. I am going to go crazy i can just scream. I can’t even close my eyes and count sleep.”

“Oooooooooooo this is getting juicy. Torri slipped up with lighter and now they found janelle’s file mm mm mm……..”

“……..everybody add was crazy but this last one with candy…….”

“I love Candy. She makes me laugh. She be playin these nigras without saying one word lmao smh”

“Wow this is different but I like it! These girls do not play at all, they are serious about their craft lol! But the lighter, yeah that might get them caught. Can’t wait to see what happens next!! BUMPS!!!”

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